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What is the difference between Comprehensive v. Collision Coverage?

Portnoi Law Pedestrian Collision

The question was recently posed to me of whether Comprehensive or Collision coverage applied when a vehicle was damaged as the result of a collision with a pedestrian. In this matter the owner of the vehicle only had Comprehensive coverage. Conventional wisdom is that when a vehicle is involved in a collision with an “animal” […]

Misperceptions of Personal Injury Law and Lawyers

Portnoi Law Misperceptions Personal Injury

Much is not understood about Personal Injury Law and the lawyers who represent injured people. What are the most prevalent of those misperceptions? We will attempt to dispel some of those myths below: 1. The client has a significant responsibility in pursuing a “case”. In actuality, a client should only really be concerned about getting […]

How to Value Personal Injury Case

Portnoi Law Value Personal Injury Case

Inexperienced lawyers and recent Law School graduates have no training in attaching a value to a personal injury claim. Frequently demands are pulled out of thin air with no thought process or logic. There are many ingredients which go into the recipe for making an appropriate demand on an insurance company and getting an appropriate […]

5 Things To Do If Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Portnoi Law Car Accident Attorney Lawyer

1) Secure your safety– Don’t compound a bad situation by making it worse. If you had a motor vehicle accident in your car or from a rideshare platform like Uber or Lyft, pull the vehicles to a shoulder or out of the way of harm if at all possible. Do not get out of a […]

Dangerous Winter Conditions That Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Portnoi Law Slip And Fall Snow Injury

Winter, at least for now, seems to finally be upon us in New Jersey! Along with snow and ice brings the potential for dangerous conditions that can lead to serious injuries if not properly addressed. In the last six months, we have resolved multiple slip and fall cases (on ice) that include settlements for $450,000.00, […]

Legal Actions for Dog Bites

Experienced Dog Bite Attorney

The law with respect to Dog bites is an exception to normal “negligence law.” To prove a negligence case it is necessary to show that a defendant breached a “standard of care” or “duty”- that is, a defendant failed to stop for a red light or failed to maintain property which caused an injury etc. […]

Litigating Traumatic Brain Injuries

Portnoi Law Tbi Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain injuries can develop from a bump, blow or jolt to the head. There need not be a direct impact to the head for a brain injury to occur. A hit to the body (such as that involving a car accident) can cause the head and brain to move quickly back and forth. This is […]

Give Thanks and Volunteer Like Mitch & Kyle

Give Thanks Volunteer

All of us at The Law Office of Mitchell H. Portnoi, P.C. would like to wish our clients, friends, and colleagues a very happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving holiday! We cannot express our gratitude enough to all of the loyal clients we had the privilege to represent this past year, and to all of the […]