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Slip & Fall Attorney in Plainfield, NJ

It is not enough to be injured while on another’s property. To recover damages for an injury sustained on another’s property you need to be able to point to the negligence of another party-generally the owner or the property or the Homeowner of a residential property in Plainfield. Commercial property owners are generally held to a higher standard of care as people are on their property usually for the benefit of the commercial owner. Residential homeowners have a lesser standard of care though homeowners still must warn visitors of known hazards or risks when they come onto the property.

Slip Fall

How is negligence proven? On occasion an expert must be retained to show that the property owner failed to meet appropriate standards of care- for instance, stairs where the risers are an uneven distance apart or are too high or even too low in a specific area. The failure of a Supermarket store to maintain their floors or keep them dry in a frozen food aisle is another example of the need for an expert’s testimony to show what the store did wrong or failed to do to keep their customers safe and out of harms way. Falls in Supermarkets or commercial properties can cause severe injuries which can alter the quality of life of adults and even more so for Senior Citizens. At times, a defect on property can be proven by just a good picture which shows the hazard that caused the injury. Pictures taken after a failed cleanup from a snowstorm can effectively show the negligence of a property owner and can potentially inform a jury as to the hazard encountered by the victim.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a defect in another’s property or on a commercial property please call the Slip & Fall Attorney in Plainfield, NJ at Portnoi Law to get our expert opinion with respect to liability or a property owner.

Slip & Fall Settlement in Plainfield

We resolved a slip and fall case for a total of $275,000 from the parties responsible for the maintenance of a common walkway within a condominium community. A significant amount of ice formed and went untreated eventually causing our client to sustain a significant left ankle fracture that required surgical intervention.