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Motor Vehicle Accident


Recovery for Explosion at Acetylene Factory


Slip and Fall on Ice


Dog Bite


Traumatic Brain Injury as a result of MVA


Workers’ Compensation Plus Lifetime Benefits


Motor Vehicle Accident


Trip and Fall


Medical Malpractice for Injured Child During Surgery


Traumatic Brain Injury from a Motor Vehicle Accident


Slip & Fall Accident on Untreated Icy Condominium Property


Multi-Vehicle Pile-Up in Excess of Truck Company Insurance


Slipped on black ice and injured her arm and shoulder


Motor vehicle collision case Neck and back injuries.


Vehicle was hit by a vehicle that ran a red light.


Worker’s compensation benefits for shoulder and low back injuries.


Worker’s compensation benefits for wrist & lower back injuries.


Worker’s compensation benefits for thumb operation.


Vehicle was rear-ended and sustained back & neck injuries.